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Sometimes the human mind can be your greatest weapon!

Sometimes the human mind can be your greatest let down!


I have always had the mindset of just do it, hope for the best and deal with the accolades/consequences accordingly. It has been my saving grace in a number of circumstances and it has pulled me out of sticky situations more times then not, an example of the way I view things is… As many of you know I race motocross. You will often hear the saying around the track “when in doubt, flat out”, this quite simply means exactly that… if you are not sure rather hit it faster and you will be ok OR hit it faster and the suspense between you knowing you messed up and you hitting the floor is over quicker.


When it came to writing this article I procrastinated and was questioning whether I should or should not speak my mind which is something I am not used to.


I recently addressed the motocross fraternity to begin a social media challenge during this lockdown. The challenge was called the #bikestandchallenge. The rules were quite simple, you had to do an exercise including your motorcycles bike stand. You had to share it on your social media, tag us @211trainingsolutions and 3 of your friends. If the exercise had already been done then you would need to think of another exercise and resubmit it.


The idea behind the challenge was to unite a group of individuals that all participate in one sport and build an exercise library for them to use and create home based workouts. It will keep things fun and exciting for the athletes as it will share exercises they didn’t know, create unity and conversation amongst athletes making the sport stronger.


This idea never took off with only 3 people doing the actual challenge. Therefore it, to date, has failed.


It is always to assess important to assess your failures by asking yourself:

  • What are the negative impacts on me?
  • What can I learn from this?
  • How do we move forward from here?
  • Is this something I want to continue trying for a successful outcome?

To answer these questions:

  • There are NO negative impacts on me as my years in the fitness industry have allowed me to acquire a library of knowledge and exercises that will continue to benefit not only myself but those that choose to be trained by me.
  • I have learnt that trying to help a sport full of lazy people who are not interested in doing anything for each other is not an environment anyone, any business or anything can thrive in! In my experience with Mx in South Africa is, if it does not directly benefit themselves immediately, they won’t do it for the greater good for the sport.
  • We move forward by working with those who value and appreciate what you offer, and leave those that don’t behind.
  • Keep trying until something comes of it to benefit those who cannot afford a trainer, or have the knowledge to condition themselves.


FAILURE can be viewed from many angles, FAILURES do not define you. It what you do with the FAILURE that will determine your outcome! Once you have adjusted your views on failure, only SUCCESS will lie ahead!


PS- This is one of my recent FAILURES, I will make more, I will learn more and I will be successful in my pursuits!!!


If you are interested in this Challenge check it out at:




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