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In response to some of my other blogs, a reader suggested that I used more informative topics to explains the hows, whys and whens of training and there positive/negative effects. I find this form of criticism constructive and will learn from it hence todays post.

Here it goes…

Considering my past as a swimmer, runner (at international level) and more recently my motocross career (National level), it would be safe to say I have been around the block when it comes to being coached, exposed to many different coaching methods, Biokineticists, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, High Performance Conditioning Specialists and Sports Nutritionists. To add to my levels of experience I have studied Sports Science and many other short course certificates to be able to share my knowledge and experience and help people achieve their goals. Kyle MacMillan and I ran a swimming club successfully for 10 years called Sandton Seals Swimming Club (still run by K. MacMillan). Whilst at SSS we decided to open up a high performance conditioning section of the business where I went out and began 211 Training Solutions. We originally started out focusing purely on high performance conditioning with swimmers, runners and extreme sport athletes. This however became unsustainable (financially) so I decided to broaden our offerings to body transformations, body balancing, nutrition, health and wellness with the side affect of becoming aesthetically pleasing.


The reason I have mentioned this to you, a bit about our history, is so that you can understand the level of experience and knowledge we have, the amount of theories we have tested both from a conditioning perspective and nutritional perspective. We have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. We have laid the path out for you to follow in our footsteps.

When is comes to gyming I have probably heard every unrealistic excuse as to why an athlete shouldn’t gym, an obese person shouldn’t train, a gender shouldn’t gym ect… Apparently all these people are going to walk into the gym and walk out looking like Arnold Shwarzenegger!!!


Rather speak to a fitness professional to put your mind at ease with these misconceptions.

Back to the point of why it is important to maximise your power output.

Something all humans, since the start of time have in common (unless there is an underlying condition) is movement and its natural progressions.

When a child is born, they go through a variety of movements until they are able to sit. From sitting the next natural progression is to stand. In order to move from a seated position into a standing position, one must SQUAT! You will then notice until the child has acquired some form of balance and proprioception, they end up performing numerous squats throughout the day until they achieve their goal.

The next thing you will notice (after the million squats) is how a child will end up falling into a higher object generally to break the fall and use less energy then a squat to return to the standing position. I have heard many childhood stories of kids bashing their heads or breaking their noses against the coffee tables when they were younger. When the child falls towards the coffee table they extend the arms, absorb the impact and press away from the object to regain the standing position. (PUSHing) is then developed. This however is a lot to ask for the muscle group to handle so we head on to the next phase.

Phase 3 is where you will notice the child locking the legs straight, pivoting from the hips until the hands touch the floor. From there the child will then stand up by using the core muscles. (GOOD MORNING)

At this point, you as the parent start running after your child.

These are the 3 PRIMITIVE movements almost all humans go through. The body weight exercises are known as SQUATS, PUSH UPS and GOOD MORNINGS.

Fortunately/unfortunately life progresses from just body weight movements when we are required to lift loads in our everyday living. To condition our body for what is required from it in order to live and maintain some “normality” in lifestyle we add resistance to these 3 PRIMITIVE movements and call them SQUATS,BENCH PRESS AND DEADLIFTS.

Now this is where is gets interesting. Some of you are sitting there thinking but I don’t squat. Oh really, how do you get out of bed, get off the toilet or even out of a car? “Ok, fair enough, but I don’t need to push anything!” is the response I often receive. Then Kindly explain how you push and pull doors open and closed, push a trolley or even a pram. This is the point where people generally see where I am going. They are now sold and ask me how they apply deadlifts in their life. At this point in the conversation we are both entertained and my response is simple, when you are picking up groceries, your child or that box you have been procrastinating about for months. All of a sudden I have a believer!

If you view your training like a pyramid, you need to ensure that your base is wide set and stable so that you can keep moving up and tapering towards a pinnacle where your end goal sits. If you try go for your end goal first you will be building your pyramid upside down and it WILL inevitably topple over!!!

How does this apply to you? Many of you go through life only looking at the pinnacle and forgetting about the journey you need to take in order to achieve the pinnacle! How can you expect to reach your pinnacle if you haven’t laid the correct foundations? Once you have reached you pinnacle and set your sights on a new pinnacle you need to always revisit and ensure you foundation is still good for what you are asking your body to do. This is why coaches plan and periodise your athletic season, your weightless, you strength gains so you don’t get injured and you achieve you goals the right way.

In closing, I like to relate everything to cars as most of the people I talk to own a car.

You have a Toyota Yaris 1.0L and a Toyota Hilux 3.0L travelling down the highway at 120km/h. Provided the road is flat and the weather is ideal (25 degrees, sunny with no wind) both cars will cruise along at 120km/h. On the outside it looks like both vehicles  are performing equally. What you aren’t seeing is how the Yaris is revving out to 4500-5000rpm to maintain the 120km/h, whilst the Hilux is idling along at 1900-2100 rpm to maintain the 120km/m. What you don’t see is how close the Yaris is to the redline where motor damage can happen, also how much harder that motor has to work to maintain the speed then that of the Hilux. Think of a vehicle renowned for its reliability… its the Hilux. If the Hilux doesn’t pop into your mind first you have probably been living under a rock. The hilux has more power (Torque) available and therefore its motor is working more efficiently allowing it to achieve things more easily as well as prolong its lifespan.

Something to think about! I hope you now understand that why you as an “average Joe” or athlete, understand why it is important to maximise you power output according to your weight. Higher power to weight ratio = more efficiencies throughout the body and assists in preventing injuries allowing the prolonging of the life you CHOOSE to live.

Let me know what you think.

I look forward to hearing back from you.





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