Don’t fall into the trap of inactivity and sitting on your backside for too long! A common side effect of this is lower back pain! If you are experiencing this or have a history of experiencing lower back pain due to inactivity then give these few exercises a go!

••• Seated Hamstring Stretch •••
1 – Sit down, keeping yourself back straight and extend your left leg straight.
2 – Bend your right knee until your foot is in line with your left knee, then whilst you tuck your right foot into your left knee, lie your right knee on the floor.
3 – Reach towards your left ankle with both hands whilst keeping your knee, neck and back straight.
4 – You will feel the stretch in the back of your leg (hamstring)
5 – Hold the stretch for 30 seconds.
6 – Repeat the movement on the opposite side.
7 – Stretch each hamstring alternatively twice.

•••Pelvic Raises•••

1 – Lie flat on the floor with a straight body (hands next to your side)
2 – Bend your knees until your feet are flat on the floor.
3 – Applying pressure through the heals, lift your pelvis off the floor until your pelvis is aligned with your shoulders and knees.
4 – Slowly lower your pelvis until it returns to to floor.
5 – Repeat this movement for 20 reps.
6 – Do 3 sets of pelvic raises.

•••Seated Groin Stretch•••
1 – Sit on the floor, legs straight in front of you, seated upright ensuring your back is straight.
2 – Turn your feet inwards, laterally bending your knees so you can bring your feet as close as you can to your body.
3 – Place your hands on your ankle, lie your elbows on your knees and gentle apply a downward pressure.
4 – You will experience a stretching sensation in the groin.
5 – Hold this for 30 Seconds.
6 – Repeat this stretch Twice.

•••Transverse Abdominal Contraction•••

1 – Lie on your back, flat on the floor with your arms next to your side.
2 – Bend your knees until your feet are flat on the floor.
3 – You will notice a natural arch in your lower back.
4 – Pull your tummy in (belly buttons towards spine) until there is no gap ( lower back flat on the floor).
5 – Hold this contraction for 10 seconds whilst maintaining regular breathing patterns.
6 – Relax and return to starting position.
7 – Repeat this 10 times.

•••Side Plank•••

1 – Lie flat on the floor, on your side.
2 – Place one foot on top of the other.
3 – Lift your upper body up by placing your elbow on the floor.
4 – Once in position you will lift your hips off the floor until there is a straight line running through the centre of your body from head to toe.
5 – Hold this contraction for 30 seconds.
6 – Lower the hips and swop sides.
7 – Repeat this twice on each side.

You can also try it in the combination I demonstrated in the video! Tag your friends if they struggle with back pain! Let me know how it works for you!


Check out out social media accounts for the video demonstration:



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