You will hear many stories about the 2020 Lockdown in years to come. How each person experienced the lockdown and how it shaped their lives.

You quite simply get 2 types of people. Productive and lazy people. There are some that have literally just squandered the time away and those who have productively added value to their lives in some way, shape or form. The stories in time to come are going to be interesting, thats for sure.

I have used this time productively I believe.

I have completely rebuilt my website, changed the look and feel of my social media platforms and opened up an Online Personal Training option for people who want to exercise, eat clean and when lockdown ends returning people to normal living, provide them with the option of either coming to see me or if their schedules are too unpredictable then they can sign up to the 211 Training Solutions Online Package. That way we are able to help more people and ultimately achieve our goal of getting more people fit and healthy.

One of the big hits I seem to have done is the SNACK ATTACK recipes where we share healthier options in terms of sweet treats. The intention behind this is to show people that these are treats, not everyday meals. They are also a lot healthier then your normal batch of brownies/cookies/pancakes/waffles ect. These recipes are made with healthier ingredients which makes the SNACK carry higher nutritional values which will then be more beneficial for you.

For example: The treat in this blog is the all famous chocolate brownie

TOTAL ENERGY (cal)233cal134cal

There you have it, the ingredients you use can severely affect your outcomes/results.

The same goes for your training. You can’t just train without a plan, out train a bad diet or take any short cuts. This is your health after all and no-one should want to play around with their health status.

If you are getting stuck in your training and not achieving your desired results.

GIVE US A CALL and we will let you in on our tried and tested recipes.

For now, give these Chocolate Brownies a try. Remember these are a treat, not to be eaten everyday and if abused, the outcome will be negative. Everything in moderation.

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Protein Brownies

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  1. Will La Grange says:

    This is awesome Dylan!

    Keep it up!
    Keep us healthy!

    Always an inspiration for those that wants to stay healthy and fit!

    Liked by 1 person

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