I write this blog today whilst sitting at my desk, the place I have been sitting everyday to do the responsible thing and help flatten this COVID-19 curve.

Today is overcast and gloomy. The wind is cold. Being a South Africa accustomed to warm sunny weather, this can make a lot of us feel rather demotivated. It got me thinking.

Many people I have spoken to would often tell me that they would rather be in bed, snuggling up and watching movies in this weather. They will even go as far to skip their gym session for the day because of the weather.

The very same fair weathered people are the ones who don’t stick to there eating plans, exercise regimes and still get upset when the results don’t show.


Treat your relationship with your fitness with the same respect as your relationship with your significant other!!!

The same principles apply when trying to achieve your fitness goals.

If you cheat on your partner you will probably become single very fast and your relationship will fail. If you cheat on the attendance register for your workout regime you will not see your goals.

If you don’t communicate well with your partner you will end up with relationship turmoil. If you don’t communicate with your trainer then how can you expect the professional to help you.

If you are only in the relationship for the good times, it will never last as you are not committing to the whole package.

Commit to your fitness goals the same way you would commit to the love of your life. If you are unsure how, or need to work through something in order for you to get with the right mindset then contact a trainer. WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO HELP YOU!!!

Dont let your FITNESS RELATIONSHIP wither this lockdown. Stay focus, stay committed, communicate your goals well and you will succeed. Consistency is key.

Do not let anything interfere with your relationships!!! They are YOURS after all!


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  1. Will La Grange says:

    You captured the essence of the content in your header!well done!very true yet interesting and vital…I like the fact that you are original and you use your own methods,words to captivate your audience brother!

    Will La Grange

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