Late last week I received a message from sports series coordinator to discuss how to move forward in the sport after lockdown.

As the conversation drew near to closure, it was concluded that many people involved are only worried about the end result (the fruit the tree is bearing).

The fact of the matter is if your focus lies only on the fruit, you won’t see the the beauty in the rest of the tree. The nurturing of the roots, the strength of its trunk, the shape of the branches and the usefulness of the fruit it bears. You have completely disregarded the entire process and therefore will not respect the fruit and what it offers in its entirety.

The same can be said when it comes to walking past someone at the shops and admiring their physique. All you are doing is looking at the fruit!

Pay more attention to what is being put in their trolleys (the ingredients to nurture a healthy lifestyle, the roots).

Ask them how they condition themselves to become physically strong (notice the stature and stability in the trunk).

Listen to their lifestyle and realise they too have as many responsibilities as you do. With efficient time management and support they are able to complete their daily task (the branches of choice, time allocations and responsibilities).

Notice the condition that they are in and understand the process taken to get there (checking the fruit and being grateful for it).

Lastly realise and accept the fact that the fruit would not have been produced if all the other processes and support structures were not in place. It is also important to know that in a row of apple trees, no two apple trees look exactly the same as no two apple trees will experience everything exactly the same. Be respectful of the fact that apart from the planting phase and fruit picking phase their journeys were completely different ie: the tree at the bottom of the hill experienced more humidity whilst the tree at the top of the hill experienced more sunlight. Either way, it doesn’t matter, both trees will still produce fruit provided you follow the methods!

The same rules apply when you are undergoing a body transformation.

The process is as follows:

  • It starts in the shops, be mindful of what goes in your trolley.
  • Prepare your food with care knowing that it can either benefit you or harm you.
  • Start some form of exercise to build a strong base
  • Continue to observe what your food is doing to you so you can cultivate the results you want to achieve
  • Manage your life
  • Appreciate the results achieved
  • Maintain the process if you like what you see
  • If not, start the process again and enjoy the journey.

If you need any help with any of the steps or even the entire process the GIVE US A CALL!


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  1. Justin Boniface says:

    This is really a good read with a powerful message behind it.

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  2. Jenni says:

    It’s always good to get people thinking. An interesting read.

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