Hello everyone,

Two weeks ago I was riding my 2 stroke out at Terra Topia and having a blast. Some of my mates asked to if they could ride the bike and they had a blast as well. Unfortunately the day came to an end with a blown motor.

This is not a huge deal as this sometimes happens to these high performance machines.

The question always comes to mind with what parts do I now fix my bike with. Do I use the original genuine parts which are more expensive or do I go with the cheaper aftermarket parts that have mixed reviews. Essentially the parts are designed to do the same thing but how they last is sometimes very different.

So when building a high performance machine quality is everything, reliability is a definite must and maintenance is key to ensure the longevity of the new parts.

This is the same as picking a trainer to condition your high performance machine (you body).

Do you pick a self proclaimed fitness guru on social media


Do you pick a well accoladed fitness professional that is in the industry with YOUR best interest at heart!

Contact me if you are looking for guidance in:

Weight loss

Muscle gain

High performance conditioning

Lifestyle guidance

Nutritional advice

Sport specific conditioning

Rehabilitation of old/new injuries

If you are serious about results!!!

Mobile: 0761423476



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