The other 23 hours!

Good morning everyone,

So this morning on my way to work I noticed some things. When you on the road in the early hours of the morning, have you noticed how many people run red lights, stop streets or treat both instructions as a yield? This is not fulfilling the instruction presented to them.

I pulled into the garage to buy some oats and saw a gentleman pull into the garage and park across 4 parking bays for no reason. When asking myself why would a human do that at 04:00 when it takes the same amount of effort to drive into the Parking bay straight, I couldn’t find the answer!

This related back to gym and how some people follow instruction and the path presented to them. They are generally the people you see receiving compliments on their transformations. Then you get the guys who park their cars straight in the designated area when the metro police are out and about, but when they think they are not being watched they take over 4 Parking bays, leave their car on with one of their lights not working. People still notice how you talk about the effort you put in and are yet to achieve the expected results.

Don’t be like that, people are ALWAYS watching, expecting you to mess up. Don’t give them that satisfaction, do things 100% correctly and fulfill your goals. You need to hold yourself accountable because you may only have a trainer for an hour a day, you need to look after yourself for the other 23 hours! No one else is going to do that for you, but everyone will be watching.

If you need help in finding that discipline

076 142 3476 is the number to call

And is the email to message.

I look forward to hearing from you if you are serious about your results.

Have a POWER day 💪🏻


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