Intagram vs reality

Morning all,

I often get shown pictures of what people would like to look like or asked if I think a particular female or male body builder looks good or not. Obviously this is highly subjective and my opinion.

Out of my own interest I have undergone a complete lifestyle change over the last year and seen some good progress. It’s involved a number of diets, training programs, rest periods and as I mentioned, a lifestyle change. This effort is to gain size and lean out to move more away from my athletic build ( 20 years of being an athlete at national and international level) and look more like a personal trainer. I did this to relate more to people with dieting and I enjoy the change in training. However, no matter how strict I have been my progress is no where near some of my peers and people I follow on social media. This obviously got me curious and started asking questions to the guys and girls that were gaining at triple the rate that I was. A common substance kept coming up. Yes, you guessed it… steroids! Now don’t get it wrong, the steroids do not do the work for you, you still need to grind, you diet needs to be perfect and your rest and recovery must be spot on! But what really opened my eyes is, I had the opportunity to see the stuff for the first time and see it be administered. I watch a 5ml syringe bend as the motor oil looking liquid was forced into the muscle. This was frightening and definitely confirmed why I stay far away from these sorts of things!

This experience got me thinking how people put a time limit on their journeys or set goals that are so big with such a short time limit that they are left with no option but to seek assistance! This however is not why I did sports science, I studied to educate people the healthy and safe way!

A lot of what you see on social media is misleading! You don’t miraculously gain 20kg eating steak and vegetables. You don’t grow lean and women don’t turn into body builders by touching weights. What you see on social media is the end result after much supplementing, substances/no substances, severe dieting and water drops all for one photo shoot that gets posted and shared all over social media as if that is what the particular person looks like all year round. This isn’t the case. From 10 years in the fitness industry I can guarantee you that.

Enjoy the process and keep it healthy!

Contact me for health and wellness guidance! Become the best version of you! Looking good is important for self confidence, feeling good is for longevity!


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  1. jessman100 says:

    So true man! Good post

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  2. Penny Cooper says:

    Refreshing and honest take on today’s ‘physique frenzied’ world! Thanks Dyl

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  3. Well written and to the point, albeit your view. Keeping it real is what makes you very special.

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