M.O.T (Motor.Oil.Tyres)

Morning everyone,

Something to consider on this beautiful day! You would not drive your vehicles for kilometers on end without checking your oil levels, tyre pressures, wheel alignment and motors condition ie cambelts/valves/compression etc. we service our vehicles to prevent any major damage and ensure the safety of your travels.

The same principle applies to your body. Essentially we are all high performance machines (athletes to the “average joes”). We all need to perform at optimal levels be it in our sport, business/work, parenting our children and just moving around from day to day. If your alignment is out you will experience pain, discomfort and wear out your Tyres (joints) faster then you would like.

Look after yourself, do your maintenance no matter what, because a damaged you is an unproductive you!

Contact me at dljacobsen1@gmail.com to point you in the right direction so you can OPTIMIZE your life!

You only have one life to live, DO IT PROPERLY!!!


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