Speed control

Morning all,

Driving is one of my favorite things to do. It’s a good to to reflect and enjoy the changing scenery.

A couple of months ago I used to select the speed control on my way to work. Traveling 35km on the highway couldn’t be any easier. The car almost drives itself, all I need to do is pilot it and think about the day. After a short while I realized I was arriving at work sleepy and tired no matter how much a slept.

The day came to replace my car and get a bigger car. I was so excited to drive it I never used the speed control. I took control of my car and enjoy manipulating the machine how I wanted. Something strange happened, I was arriving at work rejuvenated and full of energy and passion. This was amazing specially because my sleeping habits haven’t changed.

Yesterday, I unfortunately broke my foot. Being as stubborn as I am, I decided to drive myself to work with my moon boot. I mean it’s a total of 39km to work with 35km of the trip on the highway. How hard can it to be to drive 4km when I can speed control the rest.

This morning I arrived at work drained and tired!!!

Stop using speed control in your life! Take control and feel the positivity it brings to each day.

If you need help, contact me on dljacobsen1@gmail.com

LIVE each day to the max


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