Hello everyone 🙂

This morning started out like a normal Thursday morning for me. I woke up to a beautiful day filled with opportunities to achieve greatness. I get this feeling from my very energetic and positive dogs who greet me as if they haven’t seen me in years.

As my morning sessions in the gym wrapped up I was sent a video by a fellow trainer of some extreme athletes racing down the mountain slopes and doing tricks (Redbull Rampage). Check it out. The reason why I was sent the video is because I am an adrenal junkie, extreme sportsman that enjoys a challenge and the rush.

It got me thinking. Why do people keep telling me I am crazy, what I do is “crazy”, do I have a death wish ect… The answer is obviously NO. But what I enjoy the most about being an extreme athlete and training other extreme athletes is the mind set. There is no room for error. A split second of doubt could be the difference between you going home how you arrived or going to the hospital in an ambulance. This means there is no room for excuses or limitations. Otherwise we could end up in a lot of pain or worse…. a broken motorcycle.

The same mindset can be used in everyday training and lifestyle. NO excuses, NO limits!!! Set a goal and stop at nothing until you achieve it. A large reason why some people fail at achieving their goal is because the consequence of not achieving it is not serious enough (a bit of emotional pain isn’t life threatening). Change the way you view your goals and you will be successful. If you need help in doing that you are more then welcome to email me and set up an appointment to help you.

There is no better feeling then achieving something you really have to work for.

Tell me your story.

Have a POWER day

P.s. That is a Picture of me through a whip. Something I have been working on for 3 years and continue to work on with each ride.



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  1. jessman100 says:

    Fucken great my dude! Great read

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  2. RayneRamsden says:

    A good read man!! Eye on the prize!!!

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  3. Jenni says:

    Your insight is remarkable in taking an moment in the morning, to making a day that Is positive and encouraging.
    Keep flying high.

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