Rising to gold 

Good morning all,
It is not often that I get to watch the sun rise during the week. This morning however was different as I had some cancellations and could come in to work a little later.

What a treat to drive to work with the sky lighting up in with many different colours. From black, to Blue, to purple, to pink to a orange and then GOLD.  It is beautiful.

It got me thinking of the different levels and stages we go through when beginning a task with a big goal in mind.

At first you are very much in the dark and not sure what you are doing. The. With some knowledge and more comfort things start to ease as the process becomes lighter.

Every stage is as important as the one before.  Every person goes through the same thing. Every person experiences the sunrise of every obstacle faced.

Remember fitness is beautiful and you can achieve you goals. Just keep at it.

If you need to talk, just pop me an email.
I was told yesterday.  “Don’t go up to your head unaccompanied, it will tell you lies!”

Try not over think any process. Just enjoy the beauty in it.


Where The Magic Happens

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