Trust the process

Howsit guys,

Just thought I’d let you know I am finally better after recovering from food poisoning and had my first session back in the gym in over a week.  It felt good to be back, until I got on the scale and saw the weight loss.  That can be a whole psychological fight by itself. After I rattled my own cage, I went off to work where I was training Sabelo on the motorbike (we practiced cornering where he acquired a new skill set which boosted his confidence. That soon made me forget about having a rough day. 

I finished up and left the track only to arrive home to madhouse being re-tiled. I forgot that the minister of home affairs (my better half) told me about this the other day. 

This brightened up my day further because not only is our house going to look better, it got me thinking. 


Watching the process of how the rooms needed to be demolished/stripped of their current designs, cleaned and prepared, screed the floor, tile,  grout and then wash and Polish. When you see stage one of the process, you hesitate to continue because of the emotional attachment to the “old ways”. Persevere through it with only the final picture in mind. Alot of us approach training the same way, worrying about “is it normal to feel this sore? am I loosing too much weight? am I too small? is this going to work?”.  Just trust the process. Remember we are always a work in progress! So whether we progress or regress there is always change and impact. You can control the change and impact.  Make it positive and don’t let anyone make you doubt your vision! Trust YOUR process. 

Let me help you achieve your fitness and health goals if you get stuck.  I’m a phone call, or email away. 
You can see this morning workout on instagram: @211trainingsolutions 


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