Hi all,

Today, lying sick in bed. I decided to set up a website for my company. This for me is way more challenging then lifting twice my body weight as I am not technologically gifted. Be that as it may, I will learn to complete this website, reach out to people and share some stories of myself, my clients, some knowledge and tips within the fitness profession.  

211 Training Solutions Pty Ltd was formally founded in 2015. It’s goal was to help each individual achieve their goals in the fitness game. Be it your average joes making a first time appearance into the health and fitness fraternity or your professional athletes seeking out high performance conditioning to fine tune their chosen disciplines. 

We have been very privileged to work with some great individuals and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.  No matter how big or how small, let’s start together. 

211 Training Solutions is based in Sandton,  South Africa at a private personal training facility called Ironrodds. 

We believe in a holistic approach to health, wellness and high performance and offer a full team of professionals that include a sport scientist, bio kinetics, chiropractor and physiotherapist. We also work closely with a sports nutritionist. 211 Training Solutions is your one stop shop to greatness. 
I would like to finish off by saying a big thank you to William Ainslie, for motivating and encouraging me enough to do this. Thanks Will. 

Keep posted for our next blog and welcome to the family of 211 Training Solutions.

Have a POWER day


Where The Magic Happens

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